$49 per month 

plus $1 for each additional driver

Instant Updates. 

It's the same old problem. You want your drivers to call in, but they forget. When they do call in, they are put on hold.

Now a driver can create an update that instantly appears on the managers desktop or smartphone.

It's like customer service on steroids. 


Fleet Update


Create Updates

Your drivers will be able to create updates in less time than it takes to call the warehouse.


Updates consist of:

       Manifest  Number

       Customer Name

       Stop Number

       Time In

       Time Out

       Signed By




Upon hitting "save" the drivers update is immediately viewable by the Fleet manager.


View Updates.

As a fleet manager, you need information to flow without hesitation. Truckerdox Fleet Update allows you to view updates as they happen. Whether you are in the office or on the road you are never out of touch.


Truckerdox Cloud

Updates are saved and can be searched by date, driver, or manifest. Updates are stored for up to 1 year.




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