$15 per month

$12 for OOIDA

plus $5 for each additional driver

5 GB Storage per user

$1 per additional GB

Access your drivers' POD's. Immediately.

With Truckerdox Fleet Owner, you have all the features of Truckerdox Owner Operator, with the ability to add drivers and manage their PODs. Truckerdox gives you the freedom to run your business from anywhere. We call that Truckin' Awesome.


Truckerdox: Fleet Owner


Sign Dox

Open Broker Carrier Agreements and Confirmation Sheets from your email right within Cabdox. Sign the documents, than save them in Truckerdox Cloud. Documents can be sent directly to your customer within a few seconds.


Send Dox

Brokers always ask for the same information. Authority, W9, Certificate, company information and references. We call it the Carrier Packet. You can build your Truckerdox Carrier Packet in just a few minutes. Each time a broker requests your information, you can send it with two taps and forget about filling out paperwork and finding a fax machine.


Scan Dox

After making a delivery, it's a race to create an invoice. With Cabdox, you can scan and save POD's, Lumper Receipts, and anything else necessary to invoice your customer.


Create Invoices

Want to get paid faster? Send invoices faster. Create and send invoices with attached confirmation sheets and POD's within minutes of your delivery. The Truckerdox invoice creator easily walks you through an invoice so you can send it right away and get to your next pickup.


Truckerdox Cloud

All of your documents are stored in your secured cloud. The documents are accessible to you from any place you have internet access. Now you don't have to worry if you spill coffee on that file full of POD's.


Manage Drivers ***

Tired of waiting for your drivers to bring you POD's in order to create an invoice? Obtain driver updates and access POD's immediately following the delivery for only $2 per month.


*When adding a driver, you will assign them a user name and password for them to download the app. From there, each time you need one of their pod's, you simply log in to Truckerdox under the username and password that you assigned for that driver and it will be waiting for you.