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Why doesn't my email account work?

Visit our Email Setup page for detailed instructions.  Some providers like Gmail, Outlook.com, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail require special steps to allow Truckerdox to access your email account.

How do I add my Certificate of Insurance, SCAC, W9, and Authority?

1. Log in to https://app.truckerdox.com from any computer. Under "Carrier Packet," Choose "Set Up," then click on the documents you wish to add and choose find file from your computer.

2. Email the document to the email address used within Truckerdox. Select the attachment, click "upload" and instruct the app which document to use.

How can I improve my document scanning?

Make sure you have even lighting on the document, without shadows. Keep the document on a flat surface. Hold your device steady and make sure the device is focused during the scan.


How can I share the documents with my home office?

If you trust the home office with your documents, you can give them your log in information and they can access everything from the truckerdox website.​


How do I update my carrier packet?
Tap "Carrier Packet" icon, then tap "Edit Carrier Packet" icon. From there you can make any changes necessary. Be sure to save when complete. TIP: Send the carrier packet to a friend to make sure the changes were saved.




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