IMPORTANT:  Truckerdox will cease operations on December 31, 2020.  Please use the app or the website to forward any important documents to your personal email address.

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"Thanks to Truckerdox
I have an office on the road"  - Manny G.


Sign, Scan, Save, and Invoice right from your cab. All of this plus 5 GB's of Truckerdox Cloud.


Book loads fast.

Create invoices even faster. Save it all in the cloud.





Proofs of Delivery

Confirmation Sheets and

Broker Agreements








Whether you are an owner operator, small fleet owner, or large fleet manager.


All the features of Truckerdox Complete with the ability to add and manage drivers PODs and updates.


Create trucking invoices within seconds of your drivers delivery.


The most cost effective solution for fleets to provide instant updates to their customers.


No more asking your drivers why they haven't called in.




Minutes after delivery

POD's, Confirmation Sheets,

Invoices, BCA's and 

your Carrier Packet

More About the Truckerdox Trucker App


Created in partnership with OOIDA, the world's largest organization of independent truckers, Truckerdox is the very first trucker app to make office paperwork easier for today's drivers and fleets.  Developed by a team of drivers, small fleet owners and advanced developers, the app puts the power of a scanner, signature capture and advanced financial software into the palm of your hand.  The entire process starts with the creation of a carrier packet. The carrier packet includes references, government forms and more, making the onboarding process easier when dealing with brokers. The process is so easy, that many TruckerDox users report that their brokers have received their credntials before the initial phone conversation has even completed.  This not only makes securing loads easier, it means less liklihood of missed loads and a better working relationship with the broker.  


Once the onboarding process is complete, all documents can be signed and annotated with the built-in signature capture. Trucker apps like Truckerdox rely on technology that can span multiple platforms, and the software will work with any modern smartphone running Android or iOS.  When it comes capturing scans, our proprietary scanning software makes scanning a breeze.  With just a simple click of the button, a crisp scan is captured and compressed to a usable size ideal for emailing.  And because we operate in an industry that's reliant upon the PDF file format, all images are automatically converted to editable PDF's that can also be signed an annotated as-needed.  When it comes to storage, 5 GB's in the Trcukerdox cloud are included with each Owner-Operator account, which should be enough storage to last for years. (Additional storage is available at a nominal fee.)  The ultimate goal of the entire process is to get the owner-operator all the way from onboarding with a broker through the trucking invoice process.  In fact, the app includes a built-in invoicing tool that allows drivers to create professional invoices right from the loading dock. This not only saves the need to use a larger computer, but it means you'll get paid faster.


Many early testers of our trucker app requested the ability to not only access documents from their phones, but also from their home computers.  As a result, Truckerdox is one of the only apps in the world that allows access from both the phone and a laptop or desktop.  This feature enables users to reference documents later, and also print paper copies if they so desire. Of course certain features like the POD scanning and the signature capture are not usable on a desktop, but the ability to access files has been applauded by drivers and spouses alike.  


Truckerdox is constantly being improved.  We take your feedback seriously. Since our launch, we've made repeated enhancements to the software with your suggestions in mind. Recent enhancements include additional tutorial videos and clearer on-screen instructions for setting up new accounts.  


Our passion for making the lives of truckers easier is limitless.  Our long-term commitment to the stability and security of our customers is evident by our state-of-the-art encryption, our easy interface design, and our world-class technical support. If you call our support numbers or complete our support forms, you'll receive prompt feedback directly from our management team, not some outsourced support center.  Thanks for your support of Truckerdox. From POD scanning to trucking invoices, we want to be your preferred trucker app.  Truckerdox: The trucker's office, without the office.

"I save lots of time, fuel, and money by not faxing from truckstops."  - Richard W. 
"Truckerdox invoicing at the time of my delivery gets me paid much faster than the old way."
 - Jeff (Rooster) M.